“How come we aren’t taught money in high school? For something that is so ubiquitous, why aren’t we properly primed to manage it at an earlier age? It has become customary to hold career talks prior to graduation, but none on handling money – and isn’t that strange when it is the natural progression of grown-up knowledge?” -excerpt from I WISH THEY TAUGHT MONEY IN HIGH SCHOOL

Imagine a society where investments, mutual funds, stock market and equities are part of daily conversations. Imagine a nation where people don’t just work for money but people have their money work for them. Imagine a nation where people believe that money can grow on trees.

This is our vision for putting up Lifestyle Upgrade 101. OUR VISION IS TO MAKE EVERY FILIPINO FINANCIALLY LITERATE through what we know best- -teaching and empowering everyone. Our first step to turn this dream into reality is to write a book about our personal experiences with money. Having read and learned a lot about making our money work for us, we wrote a book titled, I WISH THEY TAUGHT MONEY IN HIGH SCHOOL. It’s a two-in-one-book where one perspective is from an employee standpoint (I WISH THEY TAUGHT MONEY IN HIGH SCHOOL SO I’M NOT DEPENDENT ON MY PAYCHECK). While the other side is from an entrepreneur standpoint (I WISH THEY TAUGHT MONEY IN HIGH SCHOOL SO I CAN START MY OWN BUSINESS RIGHT AWAY).

Since our launch last November 2013, we’ve received an overwhelming response from readers sending personal messages of how much they are awakened by our book…to editorial teams featuring our book and (yours truly) the authors, in magazines and newspapers.